Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring Mobility Equipment Services

By Dons Medical Equipment |


Mobility devices give you freedom and independence if you have a disability or injury. However, there’s always the fear of a breakdown or damage to the device that could leave you helpless. Most mobility equipment like mobility scooters, wheelchairs, stairlifts, etc., require regular maintenance and servicing to run smoothly. Similarly, regular maintenance checks help your device run longer and reduce the chances of accidents.

To have your mobility devices checked and serviced accurately, you need the services of a professional in mobility equipment. However, finding the right one is a challenge as not all service providers are the experts they claim to be. To help you find the right person for your mobility needs, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring mobility equipment services.

1. Years of experience in the industry.

When it comes to servicing and repairing mobility equipment you want your devices to be handled by an experienced professional. Someone who is experienced can guarantee excellent service, as they are familiar with different device designs and technology. Moreover, they will ensure that after repairs you do not face any discomfort and are happy with the tuning of the equipment.

2. Training.

Servicing of assistive technology like mobility scooters must be handled by trained professionals. They should have the proper qualification to repair assistive and rehabilitation equipment so that your comfort and needs are not compromised.

3. Product knowledge.

If you want the repairs of your mobility device done correctly, ensure that you hire someone with adequate product knowledge. This step saves you from additional trips to the service center for repairs. Ensure that the service provider you hire understands the technology that you are using so that adjustments can be made quickly.

4. Prompt response to questions or problems.

If you’re getting your equipment serviced for the first time, you may have plenty of questions. The service provider you enlist must be able to effortlessly respond to all your concerns regarding comfort, adjustments, safety, and other aspects related to the mobility equipment.

5. Friendly.

It is essential that the professionals you hire are friendly and cooperative. As many of the clients who have mobility issues are elderly, the professionals helping them must be patient and helpful in their approach.

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